The industry of catering is exciting and fast paced. If you fail to turn up or keep abreast of changing times, you could be left behind with an insane amount of loans and liabilities. Caterers are currently in high demand as there is always an auspicious occasion right around the corner.  In order to excel in this profession, one is required to know all the necessary tricks to the trade inside out. The points listed below will be necessary if you intend to know how to start a catering business.

  • So, what is a catering business?

In the simplest of terms, this business deals with the preparation and service of food for numerous events under the sun.

  • What type of events will require caterers?

Any event that you can think of requires caterers. A party cannot be considered a party without food. Whether it is for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, retirement parties or award functions, every event desperately seeks caterers.

  • How much fund is required for a startup catering business?

Well, it definitely depends on the scale of your operation. People generally invest around $1,000 to $80,000 to kick-start their catering venture. Of course, you can save tenfold if you decide to start small and use your own kitchen and equipment.  The initial investment will be required to purchase tables, chairs, serving equipment, table settings etc. Your investment can also shoot up if you decide to establish a separate facility.

  • How can you lower investment costs?

Using your own equipment and kitchen can save a lot of money. Besides that, you can also reduce costs by opting to rent equipment and hire temporary workers. A staffing agency can provide you with temporary employees on the basis of a particular job. This process enables owners to receive quality part time recruitments and prevents the owners from investing time and money on the training and monthly salaries of permanent employees.

  • Choose a concept for your catering business

It is not possible to excel in all types of food. Hence, you should focus on your area of expertise and promote your venture accordingly. The chef, menu, and food should all complement each other. A proper concept of your catering business is necessary to target a particular market or clientele.

  • What to keep in mind while hiring?

A thorough screening of candidates must be done while recruiting personnel for the business. Candidates possessing past work experience in the food service industry must be given priority because they are well aware of the stress involved in the business. Hiring experienced candidates will also save you time and money in the long run as there won’t be any need to train them. So, you might want to overlook the slight higher pay rate of experienced workers over cheap labor.

You can work as the chef if you intend on starting your business small. But, if you plan to grow, you will need to hire a chef to look after proceedings i.e. the cooking and creating additional items in the menu, as there might be other matters requiring your utmost attention.

  • What type of food should be included in the menu?

First of all, your menu should cater to the needs of your niche market. The quality of food cannot be compromised at all especially if it is a new venture. As a result, you should only opt to serve food you have full confidence in. You should also prepare meals that can be stored well while transportation.


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