In this post we are going to talk to you about your new catering adventure. It means that I have done my job in the kitchen for now. You see, I was always a hands-on sort of bloke, never much of a teacher. But in time, as our business grew, my mates and catering peers told me that I had a soothing and reassuring voice over the telephone. I found that quite ironic because I can hardly hear a bloody word over the telephone.

Hiring the right catering staff

Which is why we decided from the first month of running the catering business to employ a receptionist. She did not need to be an expert on catering or food. She did, however, need to be experienced in customer service orientation, and that she was. Oh, and another thing, as old as I am today, I still cannot drive a van. So, you know what’s coming up. We hired a good driver too. He came with a good record, never had a single driving incident against his name. He was a driver all his life and his unblemished record was impeccable.

Leading from the front in the kitchen

So it seems that after a worthwhile and motivational introduction begging the question as to whether you really want to start your own catering business or not, and after leaving you with a few important tip-offs, we have ventured into new territory. I am quite pleased about that because it was my original intention. One of my traits is that I am rather a positive old chap. If I don’t utter a word, I tend to inspire the others in the kitchen purely through my actions.

See what the opposition is up to

But while actions do speak louder than words and good leaders, something you will need to be in this entrepreneurial line, lead by example, my bark is worse than my bite. In fact the only thing I bite into is the delicious food we have prepared and, I am not shy to admit this, the food that some of our competitors are famous for. You need to be able to smell the coffee at all times. Always see which way the wind is blowing, because you never know, you may just need to change tack every once in a while.

One of the best marketing tools for the catering business

People’s tastes change too. And it is up to you to tantalize their taste buds on a regular basis. While promoting your catering business to new and regular clients, take them samples of your genius for them to taste. As far as I am concerned, this has got to be one of the best marketing tools for the highly competitive catering business. So you know they loved my Burmese chicken curry the other day. It was piquantly flavored with the authentic ingredients of that region.

After delivering the goods, our driver did actually; we did not forget to hold back some batches to offer other clients. Oh, and our Muslim clients love this. They know that it is safe to eat and they are rather excited by what we offered them. It was something unique and we were able to improvise from the original recipe in order to cater for cultural traditions and religion.

Listen to your clients

I needed a break. One of the best ways for me to let off steam is to have a hearty chat with those who are prepared to listen. That’s another important characteristic of the successful catering CEO. Never mind your own inspirational ideas. That’s fine. But do always be prepared to listen to your clients. If that’s all they want, be prepared to offer them burgers and fries too. But do it your way and blow them away with your unique flavorings.



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