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In order for you to survive and thrive in the cutthroat and competitive universe of commercial and industrial business, good interpersonal business behavior is essential. The last article, which we sincerely hope you all enjoyed, dealt with matters related to how you conduct yourself in the workplace or business or customer services environments. This article will be more motivational than anything else. The reason is that while we advocate good business presentation skills during interpersonal meetings, it is rather a case of easier said than done.

Unfortunately, there are many who fear failure and find it difficult to relax in the company of others on formal levels. So, our mission here is to get all our new readers to relax as far possible. By relaxing does not mean you will be adopting any degree of complacency, far from it. Perhaps, it would also do well to suggest to you that there are exterior exercises you can implement in your personal life to help you to relax when you return to work, say, for argument’s sake, if you have aspersions towards running your own catering business someday.

  1. Exhuming confidence – This is not a matter of puffing yourself up with pride, but rather a case of showing your client, partner or business leader that you are, indeed, confident. When you are meeting someone for the first time, make sure that your posture is erect and the formal to smart casual clothing you are wearing fits perfectly and is comfortable.
  2. Knowing your business inside and out – One of the reasons why poor salesmen stutter and stumble their way through a product introduction is that they know very little about the product they are selling. If they had the self-belief and inherited belief in the product they were selling, they would have invested time in getting to know in detail how the product works before selling it.
  3. Direct eye contact – The client or business partner that picks this up about you will mark you positively. Not only is there a recognition that when you make sincere eye contact, you exhume confidence, an element of trust also sets in. The client, in his turn, also relaxes somewhat, but be warned, is not likely to drop his guard. Neither should you.
  4. Personal hygiene and good health – Enjoying good health leads to enjoying a better personal and business life. You need to make time in your schedule for some physical exercise and also make sure that your daily diet is balanced and healthy. Make sure that you are exceptionally hygienic. Not only will the client pick this up, you will be confident, self-assured and comfortable with your persona.
  5. Corporate pride – You well and truly need to believe in your ability to produce the best possible product. When you have produced the finished article, you truly have to take pride in it. By the time you are selling your goods and services to clients, the sincere pride in your work and products must be instantaneously recognized by the client. It is no use having a lack of belief because clients will quickly pick this up and won’t have the necessary confidence or conviction to take you up on your service or product.

If your small company has a corporate logo and staff are to wear uniforms, make sure that these are crisply clean as if brand new. When you greet clients, make sure that you wear your corporate badge with pride.

We do hope you thoroughly enjoyed our last article on how to ensure efficiency of purpose in your business office environment. Like the essential criteria of the catering business, presentation is everything. The selling point is always this; good presentation skills always sell. In this short, inspirational note we deal briefly with the importance of good presentation when dealing directly with clients or potential employers. In lieu of the fact that many of you reading this note are seriously considering starting up your own new business, consideration is also given on how you deal with your staff, if any.

  1. Good presentation is art – In many commercial and home-based businesses, presentation is part and parcel of the trade. This could be considered a blessing in disguise for them but you would be amazed at just how many artists choose to ignore the importance of good business presentation skills.
  2. Catering presentations – For the professional caterer, it could be do or die if they don’t get their presentations right. From the first moment they have met their client, they need to put into stock how their unique culinary brands can be blended into the client’s commercial environment.
  3. How you should dress – This is an enduring rule that is never going to go away. Clients and business owners, no matter how small or large their businesses are, remain impressed by how men and women present themselves physically upon the first meeting. It is appreciated that a mark of respect is being accorded and there is also a great deal of personal affirmation coming from the business prospector who dresses well and appropriately for the occasion. Depending on this and the client, the dress code remains formal to smart casual, nothing less, nothing more.
  4. The important matter of greeting – This must not be overlooked. In fact, if you are still quite new to this formal, traditional greeting, why don’t you practice it with family, friends or colleagues? The handshake is firm, but never bone-crushingly overpowering or limp. It must exhume both personal confidence and respect for the client. The next article is going to discuss the matter of confidence when meeting a client or business partner for the first time.

Let us close this article on good, personal business presentation on an inspirational high by inviting you to have a little creative fun with your wardrobe. Initially, it might be a bit challenging if your current dress sense is nowhere close to how it should be on the business level. It can also be difficult if your budget is constrained and you are fretting over how or what to buy. The encouraging thing here is that when it comes to updating your wardrobe to include a more formal dress sense, you need not break the bank.

No matter how much you are making, you shouldn’t be spending a fortune in any event. Take a look at the world’s leading entrepreneurs, all billionaires a few times over, and with very few exceptions, and see how they dress before the public eye. You could easily be deceived into thinking that they are no less different from you. And that, indeed, is how they perceive you.



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